When The Promise Doesn’t Look Like The Promise: A Christmas Story

“Sorry, there’s no room.” 

Joseph winced as the door was slammed in his face. 

He stood still for a moment, determined to fix the worry off his face before returning to Mary.

Hadn’t the Angel said his wife was carrying the Messiah? 

The promised Messiah? 

Couldn’t the Angel have prepared a room for them? 

These torrents of questions flooded his mind.

“How much longer, Joseph?.” 

With every bump on the road, Mary could feel the baby move within her, she had tried as much as possible to be comfortable on the back of the donkey but it was near impossible when she could feel the baby pressing down.

Joseph could almost share in her angst, as they had just been told by yet another keeper of a lodging that there were no more rooms. He opened his mouth to speak and yet found he could find nothing encouraging to say. 

Here they were, in the dead of the night, his young wife, about to have a baby and they couldn’t find anywhere to rest their heads after this long journey. 

“We’ll- we’ll find a place.” He managed to say, trying to summon as much faith as he possibly could in the moment because in that moment, the promise certainly was not feeling like the promise.

Ever been at a point in life where your expectations are tested? For instance, you know in your heart that God has told you about the mansions you are to own – a promise- and yet here you are currently, in that rundown one bedroom- a promise which isn’t looking like a promise. 

Perhaps, its a dream that God placed in your heart, that got your heart surging with excitement- a promise- and now you are weighed down with the implementation- a promise which isn’t looking like a promise. 

Or upon your head are heaps and heaps of prophecies about the great things that God is going to do through you and yet, you look at all the things you are going through and those prophecies now seem like a joke!

I’ll bet you are not alone!

Joseph and Mary most certainly may have been tempted to feel the same way.

After all, they had been promised that the Messiah was going to be born unto them, so they had every right to believe that things were going to be rosy, yet they always had to muster up faith to carry out all God had entrusted them.

Queen, whatever it is you may be going through in this Christmas season, know that God’s promises for you are yea and amen

“For all the promises of God in him are yea, and in him Amen, unto the glory of God by us.” (2 corinthians 1:20)

Queen Esther also had moments where she wondered if her promise of being a Queen would be forfeited but she still pressed on to fulfil her assignments.

Looking at this cute Christmas tree at Janem’s recently, one cannot help but to think of God’s promises and to remember that He who promised is faithful and He also shall bring it to pass (1 Thessalonians 5:24)

Hope you have encountered wisdom in these words.

Jesus Loves You and I do Too,

Merry Christmas,

Ann Manu 💕

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