While We Wait

I don’t know about you but I have found that no matter where I find myself in life there always seems to be the most ideal place to be…and I’m never there. 

Have you ever caught yourself having any of these thoughts? 

  • I should have a better job by now. All my classmates are in a much better financial position than I am. Will I ever be financially secure? 
  • Look at all these married people with their kids. I don’t even have a boyfriend/girlfriend . When will my breakthrough come? 
  • I’ve been on this journey with God for so long and I’m still not making any real impact in His kingdom. When will God finally start to use me for His Glory? 

You are not alone. I believe God programmed us to desire more for ourselves in Him. But staying in that “what next” state of mind can be extremely exhausting. Why? Because you’re in a constant state of waiting! I don’t know about you but I absolutely detest having to wait for anything. Can’t I have it now? However, I’ve found that a great part of our Christian walk has to do with waiting and not just waiting but waiting well. 

Why we wait

Once when I was little I came down with a bout of malaria. I don’t quite remember feeling unwell but I do recall vividly the medication I was prescribed. Chloroquine! I can see it in my mind’s eye now! The burgundy syrup in it’s brown bottle with the green and white label. Till today the thought of it sends shivers down my spine. My mum before leaving for work asked the nanny to give me my medicine and to follow the bitter syrup with one piece of candy she had saved specifically for that purpose. Once I discovered that there was candy with my name written on it I had to have it immediately. I grumbled and groaned until I had my way. When it finally came time for me to take my medicine you can only imagine the commotion. Indeed, there was weeping and gnashing of teeth! I’m sure you know where I’m going with this. 

God wants to give us all the “sweet” things in the right context and at the right time but we need to be patient. There are some blessings that end up being curses because we rushed God’s timing. Waiting is for our protection so that we and others can fully benefit from God’s beautiful gifts to us.

Where to wait

The Bible in Psalm 91 lists out all the perks of making the secret place your dwelling place.  The secret place is prime real estate for children of God. The phrase “Dwelling place” suggests that the secret place is your home; your permanent residence. The place where you’re most vulnerable but also most secure. A place where you’re unapologetically you and at the same time allowing God to mould you into the person He wants as He reveals Himself to you. This is the best place to wait because you’re in constant communion with God. Koinonia! I watched a movie on Netflix recently – “Look both ways” –

where the protagonist gatecrashed an event just so that she could meet her idol in who’s company she had applied for a job. In fact, she moved to a city she knew nothing about and where she knew no one just so she could work closely with this person. This is how desperately we must seek God’s presence; the one who knows our end from our beginning, the one who started a good work in us and has promised to bring it to an expected end, the one who says that when we seek Him we will find Him, the one who has said that if only we ask He will reveal mysteries to us. Lucky for us, this priceless dwelling space is ours for the taking.

How to wait

If you’ve spoken to me recently you might have heard me say something to the effect of, “Praise and worship is the key to access the door of this season”. Worship is an expression of our reverence for God and an acknowledgment of His majesty in our lives. So yes, giving an offering and prayer are acts of worship and very effective hows of dwelling in the secret place. But in this season, I have found mighty power in singing songs of worship to God and declaring His name; Jireh, Yahweh, El Elyon, Adonai until my flesh has no choice but to succumb to the fact that He is I am! Our  flesh is limiting and will have us believe that waiting means delay, denial or disappointment but our God is none of those things. While we wait, we will worship!

Many men and women we look up to in the Bible had to wait for the manifestation of God’s vision for them. There’s a running joke I have with some friends of mine about how the best testimonies start with the phrase, “I was just there and…” You know those ones right? I was just there and I got a notification on my phone for $1,000(locate me Lord 😂) or “I was just there and I was called for a job interview I never applied for and eventually got the job”.

These are amazing testimonies which reveal the boundless nature of our God but sometimes we’ve got to wait and that’s okay too. 

I pray that while we wait, we will know that the end of the story will be as beautiful as the journey it took to get us there. As long as we remain in the secret place of the most high, we are exactly where we need to be. 


Written by,

Korkor-Manza Annan is a fierce lover of God. She believes she is made in the unique image of God and does not try to be anything other than her authentic self. Her followers can attest to this and they always look forward to godly advice on her Hot Topic Tuesdays (HTT) on her IG @mrs_annan_
Working in the corporate industry, she balances her career with ministry as well as marriage to the love of her life, her husband, Mr. Derrick Annan. They are blessed with two kids and live to pursue the call of God their lives.

Korkor Manza Annan

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  1. Very great post! Thank you for giving a wise woman a platform to share her God-filled knowledge and wisdom. ❤️

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