Understanding The Seasons

“… ever since Abigail got promoted, I don’t see her doing so and so…”

“… ever since Abigail got that new car, now she takes long trips!”

“- can you believe that now that Abigail has this blessing, she no longer…”

– and on and on it goes when people assume for others or in this case, Abigail, reasons why she is no longer doing the things she used to do anymore.

Understanding The Season.

Abigail didn’t understand these words, so she would find that she always wanted to please people so that they would say, “Oh wow, even with this promotion she still has time for so and so.”

She didn’t want to be that girl who changed just because of a blessing and yet it was obvious a new path had been chartered for her because of this blessing.

Understanding The Season.

With these three words, the Lord ministered to me somewhere last year when rushing through the new phases of my life.

“And of the children of Issachar, which were men that had understanding of the times, to know what Israel ought to do…” 1 Chronicles 12:32

It wasn’t until around May last year that I succumbed to the Holy Spirit’s words to, “Understand The Season.”

Dear Queen, perhaps like Abigail you find yourself in new territories or in a new situations such as a breakup, a promotion at work, a birth of a child or even perhaps a new marriage and try as you may to behave as though nothing has changed its clear you have been ushered into a new season in your life.

Yours is not to fight it but to learn the lessons that comes with this new season.

Queen Esther knew it was time to stop being Hadassah and become Esther when she was ushered into the new phase of her life.

Esther 2:7-8

Sadly, you will find others may judge you in your new season, expecting you to take up responsibilities that even they themselves shied away from when it was their turn and thats okay. Yours is to ask God for the Grace and the strength to take up whatever comes your way in this new season.

God grants Grace!

Happy to be back!

Jesus Loves You and I do Too,

Queen’s in Christ,

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  1. Ann!!! This is a beautiful piece and an inspiration to Kings as well! Congrats for your new season! Enjoy it!

  2. Indeed, God grants grace abundantly. May He continue to give us the strength to tend to the seasons we’re placed. Oh how I missed you Ann ❤️

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