If Two Shall Agree

There’s a certain kind of power that anyone can have access to and yet, often times the devil tries to cause us never to see it.

Guessing what power that is?

Well, that is the power of agreement!


The power of agreement.

There is so much strength that is exerted when two people come together in agreement!

Don’t believe me? See for yourself what the word of God says, “If two of you agree on earth about anything they ask, it shall be done for them by my Father in heaven.” (ESV Matthew 18:19)

Admittedly, that is one of my favourite scriptures.

Take a moment to let these words sink in deep, “If two shall agree upon a thing, it shall be established.”

Let emphasis lie on the word, ‘anything’-


“Hey, bae- let’s agree today that God is going to give us a million dollars.”

Boom- done.

“Hey bae, let’s agree together today that God is going to heal your mom.”

Boom- done.

“Hi hun, lets agree together today that God is going to bring me a new job.”


Is it that simple?

Actually, yes it is.

You see, half the time when we even enter into prayer with another person concerning a thing, one person amongst the two already has a whole load of doubt in their heart. Half the time, they are not in agreement with the prayer request at hand.

Take the couple praying for a million dollars for instance- one person may not be in agreement with it. This person in his or her mind; may not be able to comprehend how on earth a million dollars can come so though they may pray with you, they may not be in agreement with you.

The bible says, “Shall two walk together except they be agreed? Certainly not!”

Queen, today even us you take a journey towards that new job, that decision; be careful who you agree with in prayer concerning it. Make sure you are on the same page with the person.

Often times, we hear that two people have broken up or divorced or someone has backed out of a situation and this is usually due to the fact that one person decided to stop agreeing to be with the other.

It’s important, Queen- that even as you prepare for marriage you are certain that you can come to valid terms of agreement with your partner. You both have to agree on reaching the top or wherever your aim is or else one will drag the other along and one will be offended.

Agreement is a very important thing to have in your relationship, Queen.

Do not omit it.

Even more so agree with God, “Agree with God and be at peace and thereby, good will come to you,” (Job 22:21)

Agree with God, Queen!

Agree in God with your partner and good shall come to you!

Jesus Loves You and I do too,

Queens in Christ Jesus,

Ann Adu-Darko❤️

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