Things You Should Never Borrow

What kind of things do people normally borrow?








To name a few.

These are the things which readily come to mind when one thinks of borrowing, isn’t it?

However, there are some things that one absolutely should NEVER borrow.

Want to know?

Take a look at this small scenerio:

Chin in hand, Akosua found herself thinking about the future.

As she did, her chest started to heave in and out in apprehension, drawing in fear as she wondered whether she will ever be able to finish her masters, whether she will ever kick start her career, whether her parents will live long enough to see her success, whether she will eventually get married, whether if she got married her children will be well taken care of, whether they will do well, whether she will be happy with them, whether-


Tiring right?

Makes you want to tell Akosua in the scenario above to take it easy with her thoughts, right?

Same here.

Do you see what Akosua is doing though? She’s borrowing trouble!

That’s right!

Borrowing trouble!

She’s reaching into her future for some kind of trouble she shouldn’t be facing in her today thereby bringing on all sorts of restlessness…




Jesus knew all about this which is why he says; “Therefore do not be anxious about tomorrow, for tomorrow will be anxious for itself. Sufficient for the day is its own trouble.”

Dear Queen, Are you borrowing trouble?

Are you finding yourself worrying over and over how your future is going to turn out?

It’s understandable that as you walk through this journey called life, there are moments when you might find yourself so bent out of shape that you end up seeking to borrow some kind of help from elsewhere. However, if you can live a life completely devoid of borrowing, kindly do so.

Queen Esther, as recorded in the Bible, reached a point where she decided not to worry about the future anymore. She had every reason to be anxious because after all, she was going to stand before the King when he had not called for her. Who knows what could have happened! However, this Queen told herself, “…If I perish, I perish…”

In other words, I am not going to worry about tomorrow or what is to come. I will just face it as it comes.

Some people worry so much that the devil ends up taking all the blessings in their day. He borrows their crown!

Dear reader, choose never to borrow the troubles of tomorrow.

Choose to take all that God has for you ‘today’ to be able to make the best out of your ‘tomorrow.’

I hope you have encountered wisdom in these words.

May God cause you to live a worry free life,

Queens in Christ,

Ann Manu💕

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