The Tricks Of Delilah

Have you heard it being preached that whatever you do, do not be like Delilah?


Don’t become a Delilah!


Delilah is evil, don’t be like her!

And as ladies who especially want to please the Lord; we set our mind NEVER to become like her. So imagine how astounded I was when a female preacher mentioned that there are certain attributes of Delilah worth emulating!

Stunned, are you? So was I, until I decided to take a journey with the Holy Spirit through the scriptures.

In case you do not know the story of Delilah, allow me to take you into the times of Judges chapter 16

Samson fell in love with Delilah in the valley of Sorek and at the time, word had spread about Samson’s strength and just how unbeatable he is. The Philistines were clearly afraid, so they set out to destroy him. As anyone who wishes to defeat another would do, they set out to look out for his weaknesses and realising Deliah had his heart, they negotiated with her to find out his weaknesses.

Through coaxing, nagging and even tears Delilah eventually managed to have Samson share his weakness with her.

And get this!

She reiterated everything that Samson told her about his weaknesses (that is, the cutting of his hair) to the Philistines! Thereby causing Samson’s downfall because the Philistines ambushed him after Delilah cut his hair!

How on earth could she have done that?

Didn’t she love him?

Clearly she didn’t if bribe from the philistines can cause her to sell him out.

But here’s where Delilah faulted-

She didn’t realise she was a woman of great influence.

She didn’t realise that by being a woman of great influence she could use it for good.

Dear woman, more often that not, when you have obtained the love of another, you most likely have some influence over that person. As to whether you will use it for good or not is up to you. Delilah was a woman of great influence over Samson yet instead she used it for evil.

In your journey of preparation towards marriage, job or dreams or goals; understand that whatever position of influence you may occupy; be it a wife, a minister of God, a CEO- you need to understand to use that influence for good and not for evil.

You don’t have to go about telling your companies weaknesses to its competitor to cause its downfall as a person of influence.

You don’t have to go about disdaining your husband and his weaknesses to bring him down.

Rather, be like Queen Esther, when she realised Haman was a wicked man, she could easily have gone around saying, “Ah, how can my husband be so weak and short sighted not to notice that such a wicked man is working for him? What kind of weakness is that?”


Rather, she went before the Lord and had God deal with the situation.

If Delilah had been a wise woman, she would rather have built on Samson’s strength and not enhance his weaknesses. If she had been a wise woman, she could have used her influence to rather have Samson destroy the Philistines and cause them to live in peace.

But no, in the end, her trickery and betrayal caused her downfall as Samson brought down the city of Gaza.

Dear Queen, strive not to be a woman of trickery; yet rather, as a woman of great influence, build up and don’t tear down.

Heed the lessons of the tricks of Delilah.

Jesus Loves You and I do Too,

Queens In Christ Jesus,

Ann Adu-Darko❤️

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