The Practice Of Selah

“… you always do that!”


“Every time I finish cleaning, thats when you bring more dirty things!”

“Why are you making a fuss?! It’s not like you are completely done anyway!”

Ama opens her mouth to respond once more to Henry, ready to tell him off and say something nasty in return but just as the words nearly escaped her lips, she paused.


The Practice of the pause.


The practice of thinking about or pondering over what has just been said.


The practice of thinking about the situation at hand.

And once she did, she realised it was not worth getting angry about. It was not worth creating a chasm that will divide their relationship.


So, heaving in a deep breath, she answered, “It’s okay.”

Her calm answer deflated Henry like a balloon and with his conscience prickling him, he coughed, “S- sorry for always bringing dirty dishes when you are done cleaning up.”

See how pausing to answer prevented World War 3 from breaking out in their home?

Do you ever pause before speaking, Queen? Or do you always say the first thing that comes to mind whenever your emotions are raging high?

Reading the Book of Psalms, I came across the word Selah several times and was enchanted by it;

‘Thou art my hiding place; thou shalt preserve me from trouble; thou shalt compass me about with songs of deliverance.

Selah.’ (KJV Psalms 32:7)

Notice how David paused to think over and ponder over what he just said?

In the course of your Queen Esther Preparation journey, whose words are you pondering over?

That guy who hurt you badly? Or the word of God? Are you pausing to think about your actions? Or are you brushing them over indifferently even though God wants you to learn a lesson in there?

Even as you progress in life, you need to learn how to pause and ponder over the best step or actions to take. You need the Practice of Selah, that is, the practice of the pause.

Sometimes, you don’t need to rewind what has already occurred over and over in your mind nor do you need to fast forward the present moment. At times, all you need is to pause and sever the fact that you are alive and God has a plan for your life.

Salvation (belongeth) unto the Lord: thy blessing (is) upon thy people. Selah. (KJV Psalms 3:8)

Practice the pause, Queen.


Jesus Loves You and I do Too,

Queens in Christ,

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