The “Oil of Esther”

What does the Oil of Esther have to do with frying plantain? Nothing actually, haha. When the Holy Spirit started ministering to me about the “Oil of Esther”, I set about looking for oil in my house and ended up here.

There are different types of oil in this world; be it coconut oil, avocado oil, olive oil, soybean oil or sunflower oil ; one thing that is apparent in various oils are the shine that they emit once processed. Receiving an anointing from God is like that; its like receiving a shine into your life where under normal circumstances; there is no way someone like you can emit such shine or bring about such shine on your own.

Let’s take for instance the process of me frying this plantain:

Let’s move from top to bottom; right to left on this layout, shall we? See how plain the raw plantain is? Nothing about it makes you want to eat it. Imagine your life as such. There’s you: that raw plantain, cut up into tiny pieces by the situations of life that come your way and just when you think the cutting up stage is the end of it all; cayenne pepper and salt is poured all over you! By this time, you are crying out; not seeing what shine can come your way when suddenly you are tossed into some hot oil. You are stirred and turned about into it as well! But if you allow yourself to simmer in that oil; you’ll realise in the end that you are golden; a colour that all who see you want to eat and have a piece of.

You are suddenly sort after!

That’s what happened with Queen Esther. She was broken when she was left an orphan and to top it off; she was tossed in with other maidens into a rigorous preparation stage. she didn’t murmur and complain but she simmered in that stage by allowing the oil of God to work in her; granting her favour and Grace in the sight of all who saw her.

17the king loved Esther more than all the women, and she won grace and favor in his sight more than all the virgins, so that he set the royal crown on her head and made her queen instead of Vashti (ESV Est 2:17)

May the anointing of God cause your king to make you queen instead of all other Vashti’s!

What is the anointing? According to this book I am reading by my bishop, N.A Tackie-Yarboi; the anointing is simply the power of God to work through a human vessel.

The anointing represents the Holy Spirit. Jesus left us with a guide, a counsellor; in the person of The Holy Spirit. I love Him dearly and He loves you too. He’s often symbolised in the form of oil which is why I represent the favour and Grace that Esther won in the sight of all as the “Oil of Esther”.

What is it you are going through? Maybe like Queen Esther, you can’t imagine being chosen out of the rest of your peers. You have friends who can draw eyebrows so on-fleek that yours looks like a toddler with her first drawing. Well, the anointing is such that, even with a toddler-drawn-brow; you are still chosen.

Everyone needs the anointing. If you are preparing to take your throne; you need the anointing. Its the anointing that can cause you to be chosen when you go for that interview even when you are not qualified. Its the anointing that can help you to be a missionary wife in a remote town when you have been a city chick all your life. It’s the anointing that will allow others to regard you as a first lady in your church even after you marry your king. It’s the oil- the anointing of God that allows you to effectively prepare for all He has for you.

Are you aware that you can attain a position and yet not be empowered achieve your highest potential in it? Receive the Oil of Esther which will allow you to carry out your divine assignment effectively in Jesus name! Hence, even as I launched out with my #queenestherpreparation, the Lord emphasised on praying for the anointing to carry me through.

Allow the oil of God to shine through your life and I daresay, the oil He places on your life will make you shine brighter than my plantain:

Jesus loves you and I do too,

Queens in Christ,


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    1. Hahaa; when your eyebrow is on fleek and yet your prayer life is asleep. I pray for ‘on-fleek’ anointings for us all, in Jesus name!

  1. “It is the anointing that can help you to be a missionary wife in a remote town when you have been a city chick all your life”.
    Bless you Ann!!! May the Lord anoint you more!

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