Seeds before you say “I do.”

We are all sowers.

There are always certain seeds we sow before we say “I do” to acing that test or “I do” to that dream job, that car, that man, that ministry, that CEO position, there is a process before the “I do” and this comes before we receive what we hope for in this life. The question is, are these seeds perishable or imperishable?


Allow me to introduce you to Nathan and Patricia (who are currently at Patricia’s front porch, making wedding plans) Beside some lines; we’ll be identifying seeds sown.


“Hey bae. Sorry I couldn’t make it in time for us to pray.” Nathan apologized, plopping down on the seat beside his fiancé.

“… This is the umpteenth time we haven’t joined together to pray about our marriage like we planned.”

“Should we pray now?” asked Nathan.

“Um no… time is going let’s plan out the wedding.”

“Ok.” (seed sown: lack of prayer)

 “I can’t wait to marry you.” whispered Patricia excitedly, she didn’t want to be overheard by her parents who were indoors.

“Me neither.”

They easily made a good looking couple and though neither of them stated it; they both longed to see their wedding pictures splattered over social media as the latest good-looking couple in town.

Patricia grinned at Nathan, pulling her ‘wedding planner’ notebook to her, “Okay, so here’s what I put together-.”

“Let’s see.” said Nathan eagerly; happy to see her happy.

“So… obviously I only went to McGill Resort to ask the price of venue for the wedding reception…” she flipped a page, whilst tucking a strand of dark hair behind her ear, “- It’s $16,000 for the venue-.”

“- how much?”

“$16,000 and also-.”

“For the venue only?”

“Yes,’ said Patricia, getting defensive, “- but its even been cut down. Walma says her husband had to pay $20,000 for theirs-.” (seed sown: comparison)

“- We are not Walma and her husband-.”

“Yes but this is legit the place I have always wanted to get married in. I have dreamt about this since I was a child. This is definitely where I want my reception. You can afford it right?” (seed sown: believing too much in bae and not in God for provision)

They both took a moment to look at his sleek red car, parked in her driveway, which definitely gave him an aura of great wealth.

“… Patricia… I told you all I have in my bank account is $30,000…”

“Yes, and that’s enough for our wedding!” squealed Patricia excitedly. Quickly she began to rattle off the other items off her list, “$4500 for my gown, $1300 for your suit… I want 30 bridesmaids so I will at least pay for their dresses and that should be $85 dollars each… Your best men’s suits… the car we will arrive in… food& drinks… décor… shoes… cake… it all amounts to a little over $30,000 when we include the venue…”

Nathan blinked.

“We can easily borrow from the bank to pay off the extras and Walma can lend us some money, am sure.”

Nathan blinked once again.

“Bae…?” probed Patricia slowly.

He cleared his throat. “Have you thought of where we will stay? I currently rent a one bedroom-.”

“Oh yes, we have to move from that place,’ Patricia cut in.

“- we do-.”

“Bae- this is a lifetime experience. It has to be grand. My mum is saying we should be careful how we spend-.”

“Oh-,’ Nathan roused himself up, “Let’s do our own thing. Lets not worry about what others are saying.” He was determined to show his mother in law that he can provide for her daughter. (seed sown: pride/ not listening to counsel)

“Okay, bae. I really want this. I really want people to praise our wedding. It has to be better than Walma’s.” (seed sown: people pleasing/envy)

“You will have it.” said Nathan, already making plans to collect a loan.

“Let’s pray for our plans to succeed. Hopefully after the wedding I will get a job and that can pay off any extras.,” said Patricia.

They prayed.

Yet still; why the unease?

(seed sown: disobedience)


Wedding happens; all praise the occasion. Night of honeymoon; a series of text message beeps sounds on Nathan’s phone.


“Yo bro, congratulations! Looking forward to my $10,000 dollars when you get back from honeymoon- Ezekiel.”

“Bro. Don’t forget my money- Denzel.”

“Dear Mr. Nathan. This is a reminder from Wedding Debts Bank. You are required to pay off your loan by close of the week as per your contract or else the bank will seize your sleek red car as collateral. Thank you.



This scenario of Nathan and Patricia may be a bit exaggerated but I believe it’s a clear example of perishable seeds which are seeds that do not produce good results.

“- For you have been born again not of seed which is perishable but imperishable that is, through the living and enduring word of God (ESV 1 Peter 1:23)

This post is by no means against having a big wedding; after all, Jesus Himself is a lover of big weddings as our wedding will be when He comes to wed the church.

There are so many people in the body of Christ who have hardly spent a dime on their grand and glorious weddings because they allowed God to bring provision through divine helpers. There are many believers who through service or times spent at church or helping others reaped the results of imperishable seeds. They sowed the seed of faith in God. So be conscious of the fact that during this #queenestherpreparation period whatever it is you do, be it sleeping, eating, studying, praying, saving; all these things add up to your future. Queen Esther’s seed of fasting paid off and the Jews were delivered.

Whatever your ministry is, sow the right seeds into it:

Know that seeds are not for the now but for the future. I was not there when the orange seeds were planted and yet in the future of it, here I am benefiting healthily from it. So, what seed do you hold in your hands?

Get ready to plant them.

Jesus alone makes sure our seeds are imperishable.

May your seed be imperishable in Jesus name, Amen!

Jesus loves you and I do too,

Queens in Christ,

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  1. Omg this is amazing! This is a valuable lesson to learn and an amazing takeaway in this season of #queenestherpreparation As always you write the most amazing posts. May God continue to give you the wisdom required only go higher.

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