Plenty Of Fish In The Sea

“I can’t believe she did that to me… I was so good to her!” sobbed Jason.

“We did everything together- I really believed she loved me too!” he continued.

His big sister watched him from where she stood at the stove and tossing one fish into the sizzling oil, she simply said, “- don’t worry bro; there’s plenty fish in the sea!”


Perhaps you too have heard the popular English saying, “There’s plenty of fish in the sea!”- often, its been wondered how that phrase was coined. Maybe there was one fish on a particular side of the sea that thought it was the crème de la crème of life, only for more fishes to swim over and show that it has competition.

Visiting #mamaclarisse, a place to go if you want a taste of Africa;

I was immediately reminded of the story in Luke Chapter 5 when this huge plate of fish was placed in front of me:

Have you read Luke Chapter 5? Did you feel Simon Peter’s frustration? All night he toiled, trying to catch some fish, yet to no avail, finally he decides, “Oh well, I must as well wash my nets now and call it a day.”

However, some man named Jesus comes, asking to use his boat to preach to the people. Simon Peter shrugs, ‘after all, I haven’t caught any fish, I must as well allow him to use my boat.’

When Jesus finished speaking to the people, he says to Simon Peter, “Let down your nets to catch some fish.”

Simon Peter fights against the irritation building up inside him, “Master. We worked hard all through the night and didn’t catch a thing. He paused and then added, “But if you say so- I will let down the nets again.”

To the shock of Peter and all gathered there, when he obeyed, the nets became soooo full of fish that it began to break.

Perhaps like Simon Peter in the book of Luke 5:1-7 (NLT), you are feeling like you have toiled all night:

Lord, I have done everything possible to receive a promotion at work but its not happening,

Lord, I have gone to every place that men are but no one has asked me out,

Lord, I have done everything to mend that relationship but she’s not willing to patch things up,




In the right moment God will direct you to let down your net and once you do; your net will be so full of his blessings that it will shock you!

Why didn’t Jesus ask him to catch the fish before he preached to the people from Simon Peter’s boat? Perhaps, Jesus knew that the fish will stink up the boat so much that he won’t be able to use it!

So maybe that ‘seemingly’ delay you are facing, its because Jesus is preventing your boat from stinking before he uses it!

So right after he’s done speaking into your life, He will show you where the manifestation is!

Don’t give up on your preparation towards your dreams, Queen!

That job that gave up on you; that family that rejected you, that relationship that left you hurt- don’t worry! There’s plenty fish in the sea, that is, plenty blessings and opportunities coming!

In the right time and the right moment, Jesus will tell you to let down your net and what you catch will show you that indeed, the race is not to the swift.

Wait on God to overflow you with plenty of fish (blessings)

Just like He chose Queen Esther out of the many,

So will He choose you.

Get ready for an overflow in this season of preparation!

Jesus loves you and I do too,

Queens in Christ,

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