Picture Perfect Relationships

Have you ever come across anyone saying things like,

“Did you see the number of likes they got-?”

“- wow see the pose!”

“- They look so happy!”

“- too perfect.”

… and here is the dangerous bit some people say, “Lord, I wish my relationship to be just like theirs!”

Picture perfect relationships.

In a world where likes and hearts are traded like coins on social media, its easy to think those garnering the most likes and hearts are they that are doing it right.

You were not there to hear one say to the other, “Sit on my left side, it looks better that way.”


“Hold my chin…”


“Let’s look away from the camera so it doesn’t look planned…”


There’s nothing wrong with taking a good photo and placing it on social media. Everyone likes to put their best foot forward. However, its unwise for the viewer of the photo to judge how well a couple are doing just by the photo and wish to be like them!

You don’t know what the couple are going through! Don’t wish so hard that you end up being covetous or envious to the extent that in all your covetousness, you are wishing their problems which the photo does not convey by the way, on yourself!

Queen Esther had such a picture perfect life once she became Queen. Without a doubt many young women in the land wanted to be like her whenever they sighted her wearing her crown. Yet how many knew that in her picture perfect relationship with the King, she reached a point where for 30 days the King, though he was in the palace had not called to her! or that at a point she reached a point of saying if I perish, I perish!

So don’t go saying, “Lord, I want what they have,” but rather, “Lord, make my relationship beautiful in your sight in Jesus name.”

The one relationship thats picture perfect and yet on camera will look gory is the relationship that begun with Christ on the Cross!

Here’s to a picture perfect relationship in Christ Jesus!

Jesus Loves You and I do Too,

Queens in Christ Jesus,


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