Out Of Season

Linda rushed to the store, she hoped to purchase the polka dot summer t-shirt she saw some months ago.

She had the money now and was ready to add it to her closet.

Almost with a frantic pace, she searched all the clothing racks when she entered yet to her bewilderment, that statement piece of a polka dot shirt could not be found anywhere.

Seeing her distress, the shop attendant approached her, asking, “What exactly are you searching for?”

She described the item, causing the attendant to clap, expressing disappointment as she says, “I’m so sorry. That polka dot summer t-shirt is out of season!”

Out of season.

Dear Queen, as we near the most popular season of the world, one cannot help but to think about moments when everything is in season.

We know now we are most likely going to find hampers already wrapped, Christmas trees for sale, decorative lights, Christmas hats and so on even at this time of the year.


Because it’s in season!

I am sure you will agree with me though that there are so many other moments along the year when things like Christmas trees and the likes are soooo out of season, right?

That’s not so far fetched from life though, is it?

Let’s face it, in your life there are certain moments when you feel so… out of season.

By this I mean;

You feel you lack joy…

Enthusiasm …

Ambition …

Drive …

… and sometimes, even the will to live…!

You know who knows so much about the in and out seasons of life?


Yes, that’s right, Apostle Paul!

See what he says-

“… be prepared in and out of season…” 2 Timothy 4:2

Paul knows that there are some seasons where you just feel out of it and felt the need to warn Timothy.

You’ve just experienced a break up; the last thing you want to do is to go to work.

You have just given birth to triplets- the last thing you want to do is to be around people; loading you with even more responsibilities.

You have been jobless for years; last thing you want is to listen to that smug friend go on and on about how they have it together.

If this is you, queen- you are not alone.

However, though you are feeling out of season, you still have to tap into the Grace of God to show up at at work, at church, in your marriage, in your relationships, in your God given assignments.

Paul knew Timothy was bound to experience some ‘out of season’ moments but guess what he admonished;

Be prepared.

That’s right.

Be prepared.

Be prepared to still stay in God even when the going gets tough.

Let’s take a look at Queen Esther. The Bible records she had an ‘out of season’ where for 30 days, the king had not sought after her!

“…Yet I myself have not been called to go in to the king these thirty days.” So they told Mordecai Esther’s words…” Esther 4:11 & 12

I imagine she was beside herself with heartbreak- an out of season moment- which is why she even mentioned this but guess what!

She didn’t stay in her out season.

She rose above it.

Queen, today, let us both learn together to rise above situations that come our way to hinder us.

Don’t always think its going to be a cloudy day-

Choose to look up whenever you are down, and who knows, you might just see the bright blue sky-

It’s not easy, I know but with the Grace of God, we will prevail and be prepared in every season,

In JESUS name,


Jesus Loves You and I do Too,

Queens in Christ,

Ann Manu💕

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    1. Back to win, Queen!

      Glad you have been inspired by this post. Please feel free to peruse all other posts and future posts!
      God bless you! 💕

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