“Love Pounds.”

Allow me to introduce you to the concept of ‘love pounds’.


(speaking of it just makes me giggle)

Love pounds as some may already know, is usually referred to the weight gain one puts on when one is content in a relationship or during the euphoria stages of love …

You know; from those romantic dinners…

… late meals caught between two people who have been at work the whole day and yet do not wish for the day to end without hearing from the other over dinner…

… from the lack of stress because there is laughter all the time…

… ice cream taken just to stare into each others eyes (or ice lol)

… KFC chicken gnawed just to give oily smiles at each other…

… expensive candle lit dinners…

… sigh…

During this period, you’ll find that people will usually comment when they see you, “Wow, you have put on some weight.”

Don’t be perturbed.

It’s your love pounds.


Still, in this #queenestherpreparation journey, its been impressed in my spirit the need to put this love pounds to work; the need to build muscle from all the love gained in order to firm up your relationship or dream.

Let’s be clear, its so easy when there are all these lovey-dovey emotions swirling around in your head which allows you to overlook when the other person is doing or has done something wrong. But when the love pounds (or euphoria) season seems to be coming to an end and suddenly you are aghast at all the weight gained, it’s not for you to get up and give up on the relationship, dream or job but rather, its time for you to exercise your love pounds.

How do you exercise your love pounds?

By not blaming it on euphoria and walking away but by building muscle; recognising the decision that love is and sticking to it.

Queen Esther was no stranger to love pounds. Head over heels in love with her, the King threw a feast in her honour:

“Then the king gave a great feast for all his officials and servants; it was Esther’s feast…” (ESV Book of Esther 2:18)

An entire feast was thrown for her! She could easily have remained in the clouds of love pounds but when tough times came; she didn’t throw up her hands to say she was giving up on her relationship with King Ahasuerus, no! She put her love pounds to work and fasted for 3 days and nights for God to come through for her!

Queen, you need to prepare yourself to exercise the love gained during your love pounds season and not walk out on a relationship you’ve committed to. You need to prepare to not blame everything on euphoria and walk away when the wedding bells are done ringing and the confetti’s have been thrown and your bouquet as been caught and finally you realise that your king Ahasuesrus is actually a human being too.

More often than not; even in our walk with God, we tend to go through seasons where we are so bubbly and on fire for Him! Our love pounds for God are in full show and all can see the joy within! However when disaster strikes we are ready to turn away from our faith.

Like King David exercise your love pounds by saying to God when this happens:

“- And restore unto me, the Joy of my salvation and renew a right spirit within me.”

It’s healthy to exercise your love pounds!

Some may be masters of the euphoria or love pounds stages but when life starts to happen; when that car breaks down; when finances are awry, they quickly want to back out and that’s not healthy!

Exercise your love pounds!

Exercise the love of God in you through Christ Jesus!

Join me on this journey!

Jesus Loves you and I do too,

Queens in Christ,

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  1. AMPM should thank you for the feature ????????. #LovePounds4Jesus
    You bring the book of Esther to life. God bless you

  2. #Truth! Great read… both the metaphorical and literal meaning of the post was inspiring. Thanks for sharing. GOD BLESS YOU

    1. Thank you so much for your comment!
      All Glory to Jesus!
      Glad you are inspired!
      I pray you continue to be inspired by QEPs future posts????

  3. Great great piece dear. I love it. Exercise your love pound in order to maintain it. That’s how I see it. Esther by fasting and prayer saved the jews maintained her position as Queen.
    I love it.

  4. That menu though ????????. All I saw was fried calamari and tartar sauce! And your sneaks! ????????????. Don’t mind me. It’s always a blessing reading your blog Ann.

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