A Woman’s Roar

Let’s face it, there’s such power in the roar of lion!

This power is bound to have most of us all skittering for shelter or running for cover when we hear it.

Every woman has a roar.


Every woman has a roar.

Ever seen a woman who is tired of a situation she’s in? Who is restless because so much seems to be going down hill? Ever seen a woman come to the point where she can confidently say, “Enough is enough? I am taking back everything that belongs to me?”

Well, that woman has reached the point of her roar.

You see, a lion roars to show how big they are and to warn other lions from other prides and also to keep others away from their home territory!

Today, the Lord is prompting you as you read this to come to that point of your roar! He the Lord can roar His children out of whatever situation they find themselves in!

They will follow the Lord; He will roar like a lion. When he roars, his children will come trembling from the west   (NIV Hosea 11:10)

Roar your way out of that mess you have created at work!

Roar your way out of that mess you have created at school!

Roar your way out of that mess you have created at work!

Roar your way out of that mess you have created in your relationship!

Roar the devil away from taking hold of your children!

How may I roar, you ask?

Well, roar here does not mean for you to be nagging or overly imposing.

The bible has various of examples of women who have shown their roar in unexpected ways.

Take Hannah for instance. You may not see this as a roar but it was definitely a sound that caught heaven’s attention! She looked drunk, drenched in her tears as her heart spoke to God about her situation and that’s because she had reached an enough is enough moment which brought out her roar!

Look at Queen Esther!

The roar of her fast echoed through out the nation of Persia; causing Haman to be found out and hanged! (Esther 7)

May Heaven witness your roar as you continue to serve God!

May the good Lord cause your roar to be heard in nations and continents!

Let your roar sound today,

that none may venture into all that which the Lord has for you!

Jesus Loves You and I do Too,

Queens in Christ,

Ann Adu-Darko❤️



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