A Lot Can Happen In A Year

“When am I going to get that car…?”

“When am I going to be considered for that job?”

“When will the house be paid for?”

“When is she going to say yes to my proposal?”

… and on and on it goes when we can’t see what the future holds.

In the course of the past 3 months, I have been reminded over and over about the God of suddenlies and even more so, the God of sudden surprises and just how much this God, can cause so much to happen in a blink of an eye-

Such as-

Meeting that man????

Falling in love with him????

Realising he’s irrevocably yours!

Deciding to be his!

and then just as amazingly, getting married.????????

A lot can happen in a year, Queen.

Half the time, we don’t believe that. We don’t believe that God can turn a situation around for our good. It seems so far far away; like a tough mountain to climb in the horizon:

So we go about sulking and making bad decisions, without realising that we are affecting the outcome of the year but Grace abounds.

The Bible shows us over and over people who had their breakthroughs manifest in a particular year.

See King David for instance! For a long time he was known only as the shepherd boy but a year came when Prophet Samuel anointed him King and then since that time, the spirit of the Lord was upon him:

“So Samuel took the horn of oil and anointed him in the presence of his brothers, and from that day on the Spirit of the Lord came powerfully upon David…” (ESV 1st Samuel 16:13)

He started off his day as a normal shepherd boy in that day but then suddenly, in that year, things changed for him.

The same can be said of Esther, who found herself as in Queen in the course of just one year of preparations!

Perhaps your year may not have started right.

Perhaps in January you lost someone dear to you…

Perhaps in February, you broke up with someone you trusted with all of your being…

All is not lost!

You may be looking like this now:

But by December of this very year, you will be blossoming like this:

It is well, Queen!

So much goodness can happen in the course of this year for you.

Jesus Loves You and I do Too,

Queens in Christ,

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    1. Glory!????
      God bless you too!
      Your feedback means a lot!
      I hope you continue to be inspired by QEPs future posts! ????

    1. All Glory to Jesus!
      God richly bless you too!
      I pray you continue to be inspired by QEPs future posts!????

  1. You’re back!!!! We missed you. This word!! Much needed. You’re speaking directly to me. So much goodness is about to happen before the year ends.

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